Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Scrap Quilting Class on Craftsy

I was checking the recent posts on Facebook and saw a post titled:  Craftsy Free Class Day!  I decided to look into it and ended up taking a class from them titled:  Scrap Quilting: Waste Not, Want Not.  Pepper Cory was the instructor and she added in all kinds of little tips that she had learned over the years as she her has made quilting her life's work.  Her class lessons included: The Patchwork Travel Pillow, Puss-in-the-Corner Quilt Top, Phone Book Quilt Top, and Log Cabin the Verb Quilt.  She also included two bonus lessons of  Stenciling & Sharpening Your Rotary Cutter.  I fully intend on getting a sharpener for my rotary cutter as well as a few extra blades.  It was nice to see just how easy it was to sharpen your rotary blade.

As of yet, I have only made the first project The Patchwork Travel Pillow.  I modified my material selection somewhat from hers because I wanted to put a flower as the center of mine,Mine wouldn't be a travel pillow as I would be using them on the two pillows I had on my sofa that didn't match my decor any longer.  One of the tips that I really liked was to put the pins inside of the place that you are going to pin, instead of on the outside pointing in!  As I had grown up learning from my mother, who was a sewing wizard and made many a dress for me, I had previous pinned on the outside.  I used this inside pinning on my pillow and didn't have to remove the pins as I sewed, because they weren't in the quarter inch seam line!

I managed to get all the seams to line up perfectly that way and am very happy with the results.  I made an identical one for the other side of the couch and I just love them!  Now my husband wants me to make a cover for our coffee table using the same pattern.  Our cats, that haven't be de-clawed, get sort of rowdy in the house chasing one another around and have managed to scratch it up pretty good.  I'll have to think about how to do that.  Oh and he wants one for the table at the end of the couch too!  it's covered with a dark blue table cloth that really doesn't match anything.

The other project in the class are also quite interesting and I think I will go back through each class again before starting each one.  I love the fact that I can watch the classes over and over a many times as I want and at any time of day!  After sharpening my rotary cutter, I think I will try the Puss-in-the-Corner Quilt Top.  I have seen several of these done while watching Bonnie Hunter's blog, which I really love.

Off to another adventure, Tami C.

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