Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Celtic Solstice Mystery Quilt Part 1

Like many others, I have decided to do Bonnie Hunter's Celtic Solstice Mystery!  She gave us the fabric suggestions and yardage requirements a month before the start and I was really excited that I was able to pull all of the fabric I'll need from my stash. There were quilters all around the world that were doing the same.

This is my second Bonnie Hunter mystery.   If you haven't participated  in one of her mysteries before, it's certainly worth the effort.  Bonnie Hunter is the Queen of Scrap Quilts.  I love her theory about fabric...  If it's ugly, you need to cut it smaller!  I love scrap quilts because I've been collecting a little fabric here and there for years and now I'm finally using it and I have just completed the first step!

Bonnie has offered us plenty of options on how to approach this quilt. I have opted to use the Tri-Recs rulers which has 'notch' which is used for alignment.  I am making the a smaller size quilt and am now waiting for our next clue which we will receive this Friday.

There is a Group on Facebook for people who are participating in this mystery.  It's really fun to see how everyone else is doing.  There's almost always someone on line if you have a question as there are over 2,500 members.  It is a fun way to make new quilty friends and improve your quilting skills at the same time!  I'm always learning something new.

You can see what others are doing – hundreds of others are doing – by going to the link-up post on Bonnie’s blog that is posted each Monday morning and can be found here.

Come back next week for Part 2!  


  1. Great colors! I'd have chosen the Tri-Rec Ruler too. I'm sitting this one out but I'll be watching your progress. Can't what to see what the whole quilt looks like. ~Jeanne

  2. Looking good and the Tri-Rec rulers have always been favorite of mine.

  3. Cool! I'm looking forward to seeing what you and Marianne make!

  4. They look great! Can't wait to see your progress!