Monday, January 28, 2013

My Dash of Pink

I started out looking for something to make to hang on the wall that I could look at while sitting at my computer.  This was one of the items I had listed as wanting to do on the 2013 New FO Challenge.

I found the Dash of Pink project at which is a Better Homes and Gardens Network Site.  They have quite a few projects, patterns and how to articles and this one got my attention.  A Dash of Pink was inspired by “Dash of Summer” by designer Tara Lynn Darr.

I got the center made using only fabric from my stash and was very happy with it.  I had thought to use the pink print from the center or the churn dash block as the inner border.  When I asked hubby his opinion, he said that he liked the red one instead, so that's the one I used.

When I finished with both borders, I draped it across the back of our couch and found that I really liked it there!  I'm still working on it because I have to find fabric for the backing, but I think I'm going to have to go hunting for something else to put on my wall.  My hubby said that he like this one best of all my quilting.  I guess it will probably have to stay on the couch!

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Monday, January 7, 2013

Almost finished with Easy Street

It has been quite the trip down Easy Street and the last two parts really brought The Big Finale!

Pieced Triangle 1 -  9 individual pieces & blocks - Make 4!  These are the 4 corners of the quilt.
Pieced Triangle 2 - 15 individual pieces & blocks - Make 12!  These are the rest of the borders.
Pieced Block A -  25 individual pieces & blocks - Make 16! These are in 4 X 4 layout on point!
Pieced Block B -  25 individual pieces & blocks - Make 9!  These are the alternate blocks.

I still have the rows for last five  "B" blocks that I still need to put together before I can start sewing all of the pieces together.  I've laid them out and am pretty excited about how they look.

I like the way the green squares run across the quilt from left to right and up and down.  This is going to end up being a very large quilt.

 My daughter doesn't know it, but I'm planning on making it a gift for her.  She knows I'm making it and suggested purple for the border.

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