Friday, March 29, 2013

My Sister's Choice!

One of the items that I originally listed on the 2013 New FO Challenge was Bonnie Hunter's Sister's Choice quilt.  This is a lovely quilt that is on the Free Patterns! tab of her blog.  It can be found here.  She was or looking for something to do with her over flowing bin of 2 1/2" scrap strips!  As I have been using Bonnie's Scrap User's System since I started quilting, I too had many strips in my 2 1/2" drawer.  This seemed like a perfect quilt for me since I've been quilting for less that a year.

 This is a picture of Bonnie's Sister's Choice quilt that she has on the bed in her guest room.  I hope mine ends up looking as good at hers.

 I only had 8 blocks made so far, but I really was happy with how the blocks were turning out.  I have been using the same neutral fabric for the background and the same green fabric for the star points.

 I am up to 52 blocks now and have had to switch to a different neutral twice since I used all of the first two up that I had in my stash.  I use a safety pin to group 10 blocks together, so I don't have to keep counting how many I have.  I have a few more 9-patches sewn together, but those will have to wait until after Easter for me to be able finish them. 

I still haven't decided how I will finish the quilt.  Bonnie didn't use any sashing and just sewed the 72 blocks together 8 X 9.  She used a 1 1/2" inner border and a 5" outer border.  In making all of the flippy corners, I ended up with MANY bonus HST's.  For now I've just stuck them in an extra drawer but I think I might use them to do some kind of a border with. 

Happy Good Friday everyone and hope that you have a very Happy Easter!  To link back to the others participating in the new 2013 New FO Challenge, click here.