Saturday, December 29, 2012

Easy Street Part 6

Once again, I was still up when the latest clue was posted.  This looks like a pretty easy one!  We have to make 128 Double Bricks made up of  two 2” black-on-white strips sewn together then cut into 3-1/2” lengths.  This will make the Double Bricks 3-1/2” squares.  Bonnie said that if we only had one fabric left that we could just cut 3-1/2” squares, but I managed to find just enough black-on-white fabric to make the required blocks.

Bonnie also assigned some Extra Credit!   We need to cut 16 5-1/2” squares from the green fabric.  Then stack them and cut them corner to corner twice with an X to yield 64 quarter square triangles.  Well, I manged to get them all done!

There will be NO Mystery Monday Link because we on our way to a RAPID FIRE FINISH!
Clue 7 goes live on Monday morning instead!  The next Link-Up will be the following Monday.
I'm really looking forward to Monday's accelerated step 7.

Saturday, December 22, 2012

Easy Street Part 5

I stayed up real late again Thursday night so I could get a look at the newest clue for Easy Street!  From turquoise scraps we need to cut 64 3-1/2” squares and from purple scraps cut 128 2” squares.  That sounds pretty easy.  Then we need to pair two purple squares  to each 3-1/2” turquoise square the same way we did with flying geese.  Not sure what this block is going to be called.  Bonnie called them tall flying geese or maybe they are sitting turkeys.  I think I remember seeing other names!  Anyway, I got my fabrics cut:

Suzi Porter called them squatting Turkeys!  Well whatever they are, I spent Saturday afternoon putting these blocks together.  I went ahead and double sewed the purples for bonus triangles.  They made 1-1/2" HSTs.  I use 1-1/2" strips quite a bit, so I thought these would be good for something.

 I'm ready for the next clue, but I still have some additional Christmas sewing to do.  I hope that everyone has a wonder Christmas!  

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

2013 New FO Challenge

Today while I was following along on bloggers that are doing the Bonnie Hunter "Easy Street" mystery quilt and I came across a post by Thimble Mouse of Country Crossroads saying that there was a post from Barbara at Cat Patches inviting any and all of us to join her for the 2013 New FO Challenge.

Now I am new to quilting AND blogging, so I wasn't real sure what that was.  Lynn seemed excited about it so I thought I would check it out.  It turns out that Barbara started up a NewFO Challenge to give us an opportunity to build up our supply of UFO's!  Well, I sure don't have many UFO's so I thought I'd join.

Here's what I need to do:  Each month, start up at least one new quilt project of any size and I do NOT need to complete it during the year.  All I need to do to participate is start something new during any given month.  On the last day of the month, I have to write a blog post about my new project and link up to Barbara's linky party.

1.  Sister's Choice quilt for my bed.  It's a quilt designed by Bonnie Hunter.

2.  I want to make a table runner for the table behind my couch. (The one I had previously made was given to my daughter and I want another one).

3.  I want to make a small quilt for my wall that I can see when sitting at my computer.

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Easy Street Part 4

Bonnie published clue #4 early this morning!  It was about 2:00am at my house when it showed up.  I read the entire post twice before I finally called it a night. After I got up and made a pot of coffee, I got out my stack of purple and aqua fabrics and went to work on them.  I enjoyed the flying geese we had in part 2,  and was glad to be able to do some in different colors.  I really appreciated the demo that Bonnie did for showing us how to use the Easy Angle and Companion rulers to make them real easy.  The other thing I like is there is no wasted fabric!

Quilt Cam was a nice session tonight.  Bonnie introduced us to her newest baby, Freckles.  She drove 80 miles north to Virginia to bring home what she called "the fastest, most smooth sewing 301 I have ever come across!"  It was miss-listed as a 1970 vintage Singer model 756 and they only wanted $29 for it. Freckles is a very fast machine.  She's got a beautiful voice and was fun to listen to!  Anyway, back to my work on Clue #4.  I finished up the purple & aqua flying geese units and have started combining them with some of purple & black on white units.

I had finished up combining the geese and was working on cutting the 145 3-1/2” squares from my green fabric when my helper, Popeye, decided it was time for me to take a break and give him some tummy rubs.

So, I took a short break and spent some time enticing him off of my sewing area by giving him just what he wanted. He just loves walking all over whatever I happen to be working on.  I got back to cutting my greens and I've finished with the tasks for Clue #4!

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Easy Street Part 3

I was still up at Oh-dark-thirty when Bonnie posted the third clue for Easy Street.  I was excited because we now have the instructions for putting some aqua fabrics into play.  I decided to get some sleep and went out shopping for some more black-on-white fabrics when I got up.  I had enough yardage but it was almost all in one print.  I found several cute fat quarters at Jo-Ann's and they just happened to be on sale for 99 cents!  I went home and got to cutting.

I was anxious to see how my block was going to turn out, so I completed one before I finished cutting everything else.  I like it!

Because I didn't have enough of a variety of  the black-on-white fabric, I waited until this step to cut the 64 2” X 3-1/2” rectangles that Bonnie said we’d be using in a future step.  I also cut the two green 3” squares and sliced those to create 4 triangles that are for a later date!

 I got back to sewing my blocks and was happy with how they turned out.  I did go through each one and cut the dog ears off, just for Bonnie!  Now, another long wait until next Friday!  Good thing for that because I've got some Christmas sewing to do.  Happy sewing!

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Easy Street Part 2

Bonnie Hunter has revealed the second clue in her newest mystery, Easy Street:  make 128 flying geese using the Easy Angle ruler and the Companion Angle ruler and 2” strips of the purples and the black-on-whites.

I used the Companion Angle ruler and 2” strips of purple to cut 128 purple quarter square triangles and the Easy Angle ruler and 2” strips of black-on-white strips with right sides together to cut 128 matched pairs of triangles.  This gave me 128 right side triangles and 128 left side triangles.

I matched the edges and the top notches of the right side wing triangles to the right side of the goose triangle and stitched. Pressed the right wing open then added the left wing triangles and pressed it open.  This gave me the necessary 128 - 2” X 3-1/2” unfinished flying geese units.

If that isn’t ENOUGH to keep me busy this week – Bonnie said we could go ahead and cut 64 2” X 3-1/2” rectangles from our black-on-white prints.  She said that we’ll be using those in a future step, and we’ll have them readily on hand.