Tuesday, April 30, 2013

April NewFO Challenge

I was browsing pictures of quilts on the internet and ran across one that I really liked!  I liked it so much that I saved it as by desktop background.  This quilt was called Toulouse and was by Miss Rosie's Quilt Co:

I kept looking at it everyday and decided that I liked it enough that I wanted to make it.  I started out making the cute little 9 patches and worked from there.

I've only gotten three of the 15" blocks made so far, but I really am happy with them.  It was after I had made these three that I discovered that the name of this block is Goose In The Pond.  I think it's my favorite!

I stopped working on My Toulouse because I decided to participate in the To Boston With Love project.  The Vancouver Modern Quilt Guild has started a project called To Boston With Love. They want people to sew a small flag using the themes of love, peace, and/or harmony - the flags will all be strung together to be displayed in Boston in June. Visit one of the above links for all the details. As of right now, the flags all need to be received by May 21.