Saturday, May 31, 2014

2014 NewFO Challenge - May

My husband and I went to Memphis to visit our daughter and needed someone to watch our cats.  My sister-in-law volunteered to care for them for us.  She came over every day to check on the cats and make sure they had plenty of food and water.  I wanted to do something to thank her for taking care of them and decided to make her a table runner.  She's very fond of maple leafs so I included one in her table runner.

I had fabric that had lots of maple leafs on it and used that for the backing.

I am a member of the Denver Chapter of the Green Bag Lady Project and I used the same pattern that I use for those bags to make a bag for my sister-in-law's table runner.  You can watch a video to learn about the Green Bag Lady Project.

Visit Barbara over at Cat Patches to see what others started this month. Happy quilting everyone! 


  1. Love, love, love the table runner! The backing is the perfect fabric - bet you pulled your colors from that and I bet your SIL loved it.Hope you had a wonderful trip and visit with your daughter. ~Jeanne

  2. That really is gorgeous Tami. I need to make more table runners!

  3. Very nice gift to your sister in law

  4. Great table runner Tami, bag is great too! :)