Saturday, June 28, 2014

2014 NewFO Challenge - June

I really don't remember where I saw this Dish Drain Quilt, but I really liked the idea of making one to use in my kitchen instead of using a towel to dry the pans on that I had wash.  I really like doing quilt as you go projects and thought that this would be a good project to do that way.

I picked a fabric for the backing and cut it and the batting the size I wanted for my kitchen.  I started in the middle with a 4" square placed in the center of the batting.  I went through my 2" strings and picked out some fabric I liked together.  I sewed all around the center square with one fabric then another.

I had ordered some Clover wonder clips a while back and found that I really liked using them when doing the bindings on quilts.  I used to use straight pins and got stuck a lot!

Well, here it is in the kitchen.  It turned out just the right size.  My husband is worried that he'll spill stuff on it, but that's okay as I can just throw it in the wash.

I also finished up my Quilt Doodles June's Block 2014, which was Northern Hockey Skates.  I was a little slow doing this month's blocks as it included appliqueing the blades on the bottom of the skates. This was the first time that I had done any and I was surprised that it was as easy as what it was.  My mother-in-law had given me many of her quilting items since I had taken up quilting after she had moved on to counted cross stitch.  Quilt Doodle's instructions called for heat n bond, but I only had Wonder-Under and I wasn't quite sure that it worked the same.  I'm glad to say that it did!  Visit Barbara over at Cat Patches and see what others have started this month.  Happy quilting everyone!


  1. That is a nice dish drain mat. It will be very handy - I have one but I didn't make it. I love the hockey skates. ~Jeanne

  2. The skates are so cute. I've been looking for figure skate patterns and haven't found one I like. I like the dish drain quilt idea too. Nice and colorful instead of an ugly old towel!